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About Service Daison Pty Ltd We are an industry leading Wholesale VoIP services provider who is interconnected with the telecommunications industry’s top VoIP carriers. Our dedicated staff brings over 14 years of telecommunications knowledge to the table and we are focused on developing the best VoIP technology in the industry. Our Services We work in partnership with telecommunication companies from all around the world acquiring interconnections and competitive routes from its global partners with the best terms and conditions.

We uses the best H.323 and SIP termination and combines it with a high quality of customer service. We Plan, We Deliver, We Manage : To build the high quality telecommunication service; there are some musts that a company has to consider. As ADCOM we have full of experiences to set up sustainable Telecommunication infrastructures which lead you the most efficient solutions. Under the telecommunications infrastructures services we serve, we highly focused on two disciplines. Optimization and Planning.

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